Our Story

Our story is that of many years of hard work, dedication and a dream.  As the 2015 cheer season came to an end, our former cheer group was closing its doors forever.  This allowed for our owners to act upon a long awaited dream to materialize in having its own place to call home. In late spring of 2015 that dream became a reality and thus “Platinum Force Athletics” was born.  Seeing the need for a facility where young people can come together to grow and develop into quality cheerleaders and athletes, “Platinum Force Athletics” will be opening its doors for the very first time in late summer of 2015.

With fantastic support of parents, coaches and a host of friends and family, we at “Platinum Force Athletics” and its coaches have had great success in seasons past and we anticipate future seasons to be just as exciting and successful.

Our Mission

At “Platinum Force Athletics“, our mission and purpose is to provide your child with a fun and safe environment in which he or she can flourish. It is our goal to teach the youth and young adults to work together as a team and achieve a common goal, through top quality tumbling and stunt training and more. We intend on building and fostering life long friendships and become an extension to your families as well as you to ours.


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